Friday, 6 January 2012

Social Media Merry-go-round

As part of our new marketing 'strategy' we're making a concerted effort with social media, as we're reliably informed that's the way to drive new visitors to our website, who will then fall in love with our menus and event services and immediately book us for their upcoming function.

So, we now have the following accounts, pages, whatever the correct and relevant terminology is:


and newly added today..... Google+.

My computer doesn't know what's hit it - it was created in the days well before social media was dreamt of, and Google+ has caused it to go and lie down in a darkened room 3 times today already.  It's 11.38am and all I seem to have done today is send 2 emails, answer 2 phone calls and then spend the rest of the morning rebooting my poor hung pc.

It seems I will be spending more time updating all these accounts than actually working on events!  So I thought I'd try an experiment and see how many people are actually reading any of the posts I put up. 

I'm looking for your feedback - what would you like to see us post about?  What would make you come back and read more?  And which social media sites do you use?

Features we've considered are case studies, sample menus, recipe of the month, etc.  Would these be of interest to you?  Or would you prefer special offers?

Please let me know, and we'll put your suggestions to work.

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